8 Popular Roofing Styles: Which is the Best for You?

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Roofing Myrtle BeachBesides carrying out the important function of protecting human beings from sun, rain, hail, and snow, roofing systems are available in different shapes that include architectural interest to the structures they cover. Elements to consider when selecting a roof are local climate, cost to build and keep, and the style of your home as a whole. If you are actively preparing to construct a house– or simply daydreaming about your future residence– it’s remarkable to discover different roofing designs and choose which one you like best.

1. Flat

A flat roof is the easiest kind to construct. It takes the least quantity of roofing product but needs to be carefully waterproofed, because it does not drain well. If you want to relax on a glamorous balcony or plant an environmentally friendly metropolitan garden atop your roof, a flat design could be for you. This type of roof is not popular in the Myrtle Beach Area

2. Shed (skillion)

A shed roof consists of a single airplane, which is slanted, high on one side, short on the other. This is an improvement on the flat roof due to much better drainage. Although it will leave you with odd-shaped spaces below, daring souls might prepare this deliberately as an unique architectural feature.

3. Gable (pitched)

Gable Roof

Gable Roof

A gable roof has two sides that slope below a main ridge. Easy to install and ideal for whatever environment you might stay in, it can be vented and doesn’t gather precipitation or debris like fallen leaves. The gable roof enables area for an attic, great for insulation functions; you’ll discover it less complicated to insulate the floor of an unheated attic space (which can be utilized for storage of non-cold delicate products) than the roof itself.

4. Hipped

A hipped roof has 2 long sides and two much shorter ones slanting below a ridge in the middle. The eaves can overhang your property, shading excessively sunny windows and shielding the entryway, along with securing siding from rain. With its high-quality wind resistance, the hipped roof is perfect for warm environments where there a regular rainstorms. It’s an outstanding Myrtle Beach roofing option, for instance.

5. Pyramid

A pyramid roof resembles the hipped variety, with the difference that the former is topped by a sharp peak instead of a flat ridge.

6. Mansard.

A mansard is likewise a variation on the hipped roof style, with 4 sides. There are two slopes to this stylish roofing type, with a lower slope that is much steeper than the upper and includes dormer windows. If you would love to maximize your useful home, this design will permit an additional story under the roof.

7. Gambrel (Gambrill).

Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof looks like the mansard, except its brief ends are vertical gables and it juts out over the fa├žade of the structure.

8. Bonnet.

A bonnet is a pyramid roof modified to offer more shade to your home’s outdoor area. Two of its sides alter pitch partway down, from a high slope to a gentler one, and extend to form huge eaves.

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