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It can help to know what to expect from a roof replacement. Roofers and workers can get so used to all the details that they may forget to tell you about the process.

Below is a guideline of what you can expect from a roof replacement project:

Depending on the size of the job and other factors, the average time it takes to install a new roof is between 1 and 3 days. The setup can usually be done while you work. However, it is best to discuss with your contractor if you need to be at home. You should also consider that workers may need to use the bathroom during the day. If you are concerned about them entering your home, talk with the roofing contractor.

One or two dumpsters can be delivered to your property a few days before actual work begins. These can be used for discarded roofing materials and any other recyclable material. The dumpsters may not be liked by your neighbors. Remind them that they will not be there for too much time.

A second shipment may arrive with more shingles a few days before the new roof installation. The shingles will need to be placed in a designated area, usually your driveway. In the event that they need to sign for it, you will likely be at home.

You may need to clean up your yard before you start the first day of setup. You should take steps to protect your patio furniture, garden areas, and outside plants.

Take down hanging photos and place any other broken items on the floor. Hammering can trigger vibrations that cause a lot of ruckus.

You don’t want any automobiles, bikes or other property to be damaged while the work is ongoing. To be safe, park in the street during work.

Be ready for the roofing contractors when they arrive. It is very noisy to install a roof, especially if you live in the home. Notify your neighbors about the potential intrusion and provide an estimated completion date.

To allow workers to gain access to the property, leave any gates unlocked. You might consider keeping your pets inside the house or boarding them during construction.

The roofers will clean up the debris and nails after the job is done. However, you may want to double-check. You should inspect your entire backyard, driveway, and road surrounding the job site for nails to ensure safety.

It may take several days for the dumpsters to be removed from your yard after the job is completed.

Roof replacement Horry County is noisy and annoying, but it will be done in a few days or a week.

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