Why Avoid Shopping Around For Roofing Bids

by | Jul 7, 2022 | roofing

roofingOne of the most important things to consider when you are looking for a roof replacement is the cost and the best price. We’ll explain why it is not in your best interest to choose the lowest bidder for roofing services. And why the final price often doesn’t matter.

Before you begin looking for the best contractor to install your roof, consider the consequences of choosing a low-priced roof replacement bid.

Things To Remember When Hiring Roofing Contractors

Let’s look at why the total cost of a roof replacement should not be considered.

You may not have to pay out of pocket

This situation means that the homeowner doesn’t have to pay the entire cost of the roof replacement.

Let’s assume that your roof replacement costs $20,000. Your deductible is all you need to pay as a homeowner.

If you have a $1000 deductible, you will pay $1000 to get a $20,000 roof. You’ll still pay $1000 if you find a contractor who will do the roof for $15,000. It’s not worth your time to find a lower price.

However, it is possible to have problems getting a lower-priced roofing contractor to do the job!

Cheaper Contractors Cut Back on Materials

Low-bidder contractors often use off-brand materials in order to keep their profitability. They don’t care about how durable your roof is. They care only about making a sale and getting as much money as possible.

This will affect the quality of your roof and increase the likelihood that you’ll have to deal with major problems sooner than you should. These problems can end up costing you more long-term than the money you save by accepting a lower price.

Cheaper contractors skimp on craftmanship

Roofers who lower their bids will cut corners. They will do subpar work, which in turn will mean that your roof won’t withstand the test of time, sunlight, and inclement weather. Roofers can also cut corners in terms of quality, workmanship, and labor costs.

A Cheaper Roof Can End up Costing You More Long-Term

Insurance doesn’t cover every roof replacement. Let’s suppose you hire a cheap roofer to replace your roof. Your roof will not last 20 years. It will need roof repairs, or even complete replacement after 10 years.

Is it possible to file a claim for a new roof at this time? That’s unlikely. The insurance company will inspect your roof and find that there are problems due to wear and tear or “lack of maintenance”. These issues are not covered by homeowners insurance.

You will be stuck with a roof that requires expensive repairs or replacement, and an insurance company refusing to cover you. You can avoid this by hiring a reliable roofing company that only uses high-quality materials and employs the most skilled roofers. This will ensure your roof lasts a lifetime and is durable.

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