Choosing A New Roof? Here’s What You Need To Know

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new roofWhen choosing new roof for your house, it should not only match the overall theme and style of your home but should also be effective in protecting your home and family. This is why there are some key factors you need to consider in choosing a new roof.

Regardless of whether you are building a new home or replacing your old and worn out roof, you will need to consider not only the materials to be used but also the costs, weight and installation requirements. Some of the common roofing materials used in many homes today include asphalt, composite shingles, wood, concrete, and slate. While roofing professionals also use clay tiles.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a New Roof For Your Home.


When measuring, we usually use square feet. Roofers, on the other hand, use the term Square, which is equivalent to 100 square feet in area or a 10-foot by 10-foot square. So when you hear a roofer say you will need to fill about 15 squares of an area for your roof, he or she actually means 1,500 square feet of roofing area. Learning how roofers talk, particularly what they use as their basic unit of measurement, will help you better communicate with your roofer and, thus, easily come up with a plan for your new roof.


Determining the roofing materials to be used is not only based on the style and design of each material. It should also be based on the type of roof to be installed and the structure of the house. Keep in mind that some materials are too heavy for certain home structures. Below is some information on the most common materials used for roof construction.

  • Wood– You need to check if there are fire codes in your area as these may have some restrictions on the use of wood on your new roof. You can choose from cedar, redwood, and southern pine for your roof shingles. Wood roofing could last as long as asphalt shingles, about 25 years, but, they could cost twice as much.
  • Tile and cement – If you are after the Spanish Colonial and Mission styles, tiles and cement are what you need. They produce the perfect half cylinders that would fit well with the Spanish theme you are going for. Aside from this, tiles and cement are also very durable. But they could be expensive and they are heavy. So make sure you have your roofer check your home’s structure and verify if it could carry the weight of a tile and cement roof.
  • Asphalt shingle– This is the most affordable roofing material and the easiest to install. This is why most homeowners, especially those who are working on a budget and have some building skills, would opt for asphalt shingles and install them on their own. Asphalt shingles are actually fiberglass impregnated with asphalt. Its surface has sand-like granules to add to its aesthetic design. You can choose between asphalt shingles that have a single thickness and those that are thicker but are laminated. Although asphalt shingles are highly affordable, costs may increase depending on the type of installation and roof to be built.
  • Slate– Many homeowners also choose slate over other types of materials. The reason for this is because slate is the most durable. In fact, it could outlast even the fasteners that you used to hold it in place. Most slates can last up to 100 years and even that could still be recycled and reinstalled to last for another 100 years. Unfortunately, slates are not that affordable, averaging at about $800 for every square. And they are heavy so they cannot be installed in certain homes.
  • Metal– There are many options available for you if you choose metal roofs. You can choose from aluminum, lead, copper and asphalt, steel, and copper. All are highly durable but can be expensive. Lead and copper and asphalt can be installed as shingles. The other metal varieties, on the other hand, are manufactured as vertical lengths to be installed as a seamed roof. Each vertical length is joined with solder.

New Roof For Home Remodeling

If you are replacing your roof as part of a home remodeling project, it is best to consider the old material used for your roof. Or if you are considering other alternatives, find out what types and materials are used for the roof of houses that are the same as yours. You can also seek professional advice to be sure that you are choosing the right and suitable material for your new roof.

Do not forget to take into consideration the weight of the material you want for your home as well as your home’s structure if you need to have a roof replacement. You do not want to end up having a beautiful and highly durable roof only to have it collapse on your house after a couple of years.


Aside from the material of your new roof Myrtle Beach, you also need to consider what suitable flashing to use. You can choose between metal – usually aluminum or copper – and plastic film. Flashing plays a critical role in ensuring the durability of your roof as it seals the areas of your roof where different materials meet. Keep in mind that it is in these areas where there is high risk for leaks. Ensuring good flashing work will help prevent leaks and water problems. Flashing is often installed around the chimney and window frames.

Regardless of the material you choose for your new roof, it is highly recommended that you work with a professional to ensure efficiency not only in installation but also in planning. A professional roofer will ensure that joints are installed appropriately to prevent leakage.

Your roof is an important part of your home. Choose a professional roofing service who will help you plan and choose the right roofing materials for your home. Call MB Roofing Pros now.

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