Christmas Roof Decorating Ideas From Myrtle Beach Professional Roofers

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roofing contractorIt’s the time of the year when we adorn our homes with different ornaments and colorful lights as we join millions of people around the globe in celebrating the Christmas season. Homeowners decorate their houses with Christmas lights that show off their property’s contours, angles, and edges. But, there are countless lighting options and if you understand the most common ones, you might just be able to save money while still be able to get the right kinds of lights and accessories that you need for your home. Just make sure that you hire a roofing contractor if you need to install Christmas lights on your roof.

Various Types of Christmas Lights

Classic bulbs

The classic clear bulbs are the simplest and one of the most popular variations in the market today. The best choices remain to be the clear C7 or C9 incandescent lights. The produce a warm glow and this option are by far one of the most cost-effective ones. However, since these are incandescent bulbs, you might have to work with an electrician for careful electrical planning.

Standard colorful bulbs

The standard colorful bulbs can also make an amazing impression since they introduce creativity and beautiful color patterns to your home. You can choose from different finishes like pearl, satin, opaque, transparent, and more. One of the most popular choices is alternating bulb colors. You should also work with an electrician since this kind of bulb requires extra power.

LED Lights

Another option that is growing in popularity is the white LED lights, which are available in warm and cool white. If you prefer a more conventional look, you can opt for the version that features an opaque bulb lens. Since it requires less energy, adding this kind of Christmas lights to your home is far easier than the other options in the market today. They are also good as long-term investments since they have a longer lifespan.

Additional Tips:

Roofing contractor Myrtle Beach offered a few other tips that you have to keep in mind. For instance, if you are on a budget or if you the practical type, it is best to go with LED lights. You can plug more of them together compared to incandescent lights, which means you will need fewer power sources and extension cords.

You should also consider using clips to hold your lights in its position and it will also give your display a more stunning look. You can check online for options. There are sites that offer a variety of clips that go along well with different kinds of lights. Light strings also let you personalize your Christmas lights. They allow you to pick the spacing as well as the bulb color. The number of bulbs you can use on each string will be based on the spacing and that will have an impact on the wattage as well as the overall energy consumption. The spacing will also determine who everything will look once your lights have been installed on the roof either by you or a roof company Myrtle Beach.

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