Important Considerations If Your Roof Needs Repair

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roof repairIn case your roof has a localized problem, you might be able to put off replacing your roof by having a roof repair instead. This could be a DIY job if you have a flat roof. All you need is a sheet of rubber membrane and some roofing cement. However, if your roof is high or has a steep slope, you should call a roofing contractor right away because of the risks involved.

The only issue is that some roofers do not like to perform patches. Unless he is working next door to you, bringing a ladder to your house and going up the roof might not be worth their time compared to a bigger roofing job like a roof replacement or roof installation. In case you are able to find someone who can get the job done, be ready to spend a few hundred dollars for the service call, and even more the work rendered.

The roof’s wide expanse or the “field” rarely leaks out; the problem is commonly found around the flashing or on another detail. Be sure it is fixed correctly by making sure that the job includes removing the old roofing cement or tar and changing the section of shingles or flashing in question. You should never settle for just applying additional tar to the hole or simply sticking a water shield or sheet of ice over it. Additionally, it is much better to repair the leak than allowing it to go another season unfixed.

Finding A Roofing Contractor

Just like with any kind of home repair, it is crucial to check the credentials of the roofing contractor, maybe even more so with roof because homeowners do not have any way of knowing whether the work was done correctly. Be sure to get three or four names by asking your neighbors or your friends. You can also stop by jobs in progress and don’t forget to check their online ratings. Before you schedule an estimate, ask about the insurance. If the contractor has nothing to show for it, then you should consider finding another one.

The Cost

The cost of a new roof can be quite expensive depending on the season, if your roof is sloped or flat, the material, degree of the slope, height of your home, the required amount of detail, whether the job requires a complete tear off of the existing roof, and ancillary work like asbestos removal will all affect the price of the project.

You might think that one good way of cutting cost is to skip tearing off the old roof and just install the new materials over it. Most inspectors allow up to two layers of asphalt shingles on a roof. However, some restrictions have been tightened due to some roof accidents in the past. Additionally, most roofing contractor including MB Roofing Pros do not recommend it because it can lead to load bearing problems.


For several homeowners, the appearance of a finished product is the most crucial factor when selecting a roofing material. The roof of your home is responsible for up to 40% of its curb appeal. Materials that are light colored can keep the roof look cooler compared to the dark ones as it can help reflect instead of absorb sunlight.

Getting Ready

Once you have obtained your estimates, selected your materials, and found your roofing contractor. However, you can’t sit back and relax just yet. Before the roofing contractor arrives, you have to make some preparations like protecting furniture or keepsakes that may be stored in your attic against debris that could possibly rain down once the old roof is being removed and the underlay is shaken due to hammering. Plan to be out of your home while the roofing contractor Myrtle Beach are doing their job. If you put nets on doors and windows, you might not have the chance to get out once they start working.

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