Specific Details Your Roofing Contractor Should Not Miss

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roofing contractorA professional roofing contractor should provide you with complete details regarding the work to be done on your roof. And these details should be clearly indicated in the proposal. Also, these should specifically include product and warranty details.

Product details and particulars

If you’ve received a proposal from a local Myrtle Beach roofing contractor and it doesn’t indicate the specifications of the products that will be used for your roofing project, you should either return the proposal and ask for a more specific one or look for another contractor.

It is important that the proposal contain specific product details include specifications and manufacturer information. Keep in mind that quality between manufacturers highly vary and there are brands that are inferior to others and has substandard quality.

If you are given a generic description or specification for the roof system to be installed, it would be difficult for you to know whether or not the product to be used has high quality. And this is extremely important to ensure you and your family’s safety. Don’t forget that a weak roof has high risk for various types of dangers, not to mention it might not be suitable to protect you and your family during storms and hurricanes.

What product specifics should the proposal include?

Generally, your residential roofing contractor will include details about the roofing membrane, insulation system, the asphalt system, and re-covering materials if necessary. The details, however, should include the following:

  • complete names of each product’s manufacturer
  • the number of plies required for each membrane
  • the specific type of plies to be used
  • materials to be used for attaching the insulation and membrane
  • specific steps and processes of adhering or attaching the insulation and membrane
  • the types of metals to be used in re-covering

Aside from this, you will also need to ensure all the products that the roofing contractor will use are approved for your specific location and meet your state and city requirements. If possible ask for the approval number so you can verify its authenticity.

With regard to your roof’s flashings, it is highly suggested that you conduct a general inspection of your roof with your contractor. This way, you’ll both see what needs to be repaired and replaced and you could ask him or her for suggestions and ideas.

Keep an eye out for unusual situations on your roof’s flashings. These may include unusual edge conditions, pipes sticking out or out of shape, and low thresholds. If you noticed any of these strange situations, ask your contractor on how he or she plans to do for your flashings.

Do not agree with a pitch pan or pitch pocket plan for your flashings as these are expensive and don’t do a great job of waterproofing your roof penetration. It has been observed several times before how pitch pan sealers easily shrink or crack and pull away if not maintained properly and regularly. As a result, there will be a gap and direct opening for water to enter your house.

Warranty details

It is important that you also ask about the warranty details not only for the service you are getting but also for each of the product and materials to be used in your roofing project. It should be specified in the proposal which have manufacturer’s warranty and which have contractor’s warranty.

Generally, all contractor’s warranty covers two years of workmanship. If your roofing contractor offers any less than that, inquire why and how they calculate warranties. For the manufacturer’s warranty, it should be specified if it covers both installation and materials or if it covers the materials only. This is one reason why you need to know which manufacturers the products and materials came from. You can contact them directly and verify their warranty service.

If possible, request for a copy of the proposed warranty from the contractor and the manufacturers so you have your own copy to turn to by the time you’ll need to avail of their warranty services.

Why do I need all these specific details in the proposal?

This is particularly helpful if you are considering more than one roofer Myrtle Beach. All these specific details in the proposal will make it easier for you to compare each contractor and determine which offers you the best and most cost-effective deal.

When reviewing proposals, make sure you read everything, even the back pages. The reason for this is because sometimes some contractors indicate in a small area in the proposal that they are not responsible for any leaks and further problems that will happen after the roof is repaired. Obviously, you don’t want that kind of disclaimer as it opposes their warranty.

When comparing proposals, compare not only through the prices and costs. Consider the types of products and materials to be used, the duration of the project, the offered warranty, and the processes and steps to be done. Keep in mind that not all roof contractors work in the same processes and use the same materials. Having all of these pieces of information will help you determine the most suitable contractor to work with.

If you really want to work with the contractor, make sure you request a revised proposal containing all necessary details about the materials and products to be used in the roofing project, as well as the step-by-step process for each repair to be done and the warranty details. Keep in mind that not all contractors who refuse to provide specific details intend to trick you into paying more for substandard service. Sometimes, they just don’t have the time and didn’t think that you’d request the specifics. However, it is still a good practice to ensure you know every single important detail in your roofing project before you sign any contracts and deals.

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