Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Roof Repair

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roof repairYou rely on your roof greatly because it offers protection not only to your home in Myrtle Beach but also to everything inside it. So what are you going to do if a tree fell on top of your roof in the middle of the night? What if heavy rains or strong winds ripped your roof apart? Who should you turn to? Provided below are the most common questions asked by homeowners when faced with a roof repair.

Emergency Roof Repair FAQs

What conditions fall under an emergency roofing repair?

When a roofing system is damaged, it could possibly lead to water leaks. An instant roof repair or perhaps a protective covering should be installed to prevent further structural and interior damage. More often than not, professional roofers will place an emergency tarp to cover the hole or the damaged area in the roof until the weather calms down. Once that happens, the roofing contractor can evaluate the damage and suggest a more long-term roof repair strategy.

What kind of situations call for a roof leak repair?

In most cases, the roofing system gets damaged because of a fire, animal, or a weather event. Nature can cause significant damage to your roof. Winds that go beyond 50 mph is strong enough to rip shingles from your roof and lay bare the substrate. The limbs of trees are going to be torn off and thrown out like toothpicks, breaking through the structure. Lightning could strike your roof and create a hole in it. Animals like squirrels and raccoon love to munch on decayed wood and make big holes in your roof. Fire, certainly, will destroy anything in its path.

What roofers do when called upon for emergency repairs?

If it is a bad weather condition, the professional roofers will wait until the storm passes and then head out fast to their client’s home. Safety for the roofers is also a priority. There is usually nothing they can do if there is heavy rain, high wind, and lightning.

In case the roof damage is brought on by a fire, Myrtle Beach roofing contractor will go to your place immediately and try to restore the structure to a water-tight condition. In many cases, fires place the structural integrity of the roofing system in jeopardy, making it unsafe to access the different areas of the roof. Once again, the roofer and the homeowner’s are the primary concerns.

What should homeowners know about the roof damage?

First of all: Do not panic. The damage has been done. What you can do now is get in touch with your insurance provider and a roofing company. Be careful of storm chasers. These are people who pursue such weather conditions and take advantage of the fears of homeowners. Be sure to search online or offline for references – spend some time to think whether a roof repair or replacement is better, once the roofer has secured the roof and shielded your home from additional damage.

Don’t try to do the roof repair on your own. You might be injured and you may not be able to properly assess the extent of the damage. Always remember that ceilings and roofs can be fixed easily but you’ll have bigger and costlier problems if you end up having broken bones.

It is time to call the professionals when it comes to emergency roof repairs. Call professional roofers at MB Roofing Pros.

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