Tips On How To Find And Fix Roof Leaks

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roof repairAmong roofing problems, leaks are on the top when it comes to the scale of the damage they can deal. Most often, roof leaks begin as small cracks or holes on the roof. Over time, if the leaks remain undiscovered, they expand and do a lot more damage. Quite commonly, people tend to only notice leaks when there are already visible signs of the problem. The need for roof repair will become more urgent depending on how the leak has progressed. For more accurate solutions, a roofing contractor will need to step in. However, you can always become your own roof detective and start finding those leaks.

Methods of finding leaks on the roof

Starting with the obvious

The first method you should try is following the obvious clues. If there are leaks on the roof, you will find water stains in the attic. The water stains typically have one or more sources. You can then uncover the path of the stains and the source of the leak.

Most of the time, leaks originate from penetrations on the roof. These penetrations could be anything from mounting holes, chimneys, roof vents, or anything else. In fact, any roofing contractor Myrtle Beach will say leaks rarely develop in open areas where the shingles are uninterrupted.

An easy trick for difficult leaks

One quick way of figuring out where the leaks are coming from is through the use of water. However, you will need a helping hand for this method. On a dry sunny day, have someone climb up the roof and soak areas of the roof you think have leaks. Another person should be inside the attic waiting for water to come through. This might take a bit of time but will come in handy. This method is kind of a DIY roof inspection. Once the leak has been detected, you can go ahead and seal the source of the problem.

Most of the time, the leaks you find on your roof are easy to fix. You won’t even need a roofer to fix them. However, there are instances where the leaks have progressed so badly that it will require an expert like MB Roofing Pros to repair.

What to do with complex situations

Fixing major leaks can be tricky. They are not the easiest to deal with especially when a huge section of the roof has been compromised. The best way to resolve such issues is to first determine the extent of the problem. This can only be done by a thorough roof examination. Only professional roofing contractors can provide a detailed inspection of the roof. This way, all the issues will be found and fixed accordingly.

Hire a roofer that can deliver the results you need

For any roofing issues you may have been dealing with, there’s a roofer that can help you. A professional and reliable roofing contractor can fix any roof leaks, repair any damages, and prevent the same issues from coming back. All you need to do is find a good local roofer.

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