Fundamental Roof Maintenance Guide

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roof maintenanceRoof maintenance can be considered as one of the most forgotten responsibilities of a homeowner. For some, this can be easily delayed or postponed. For others, it is directly neglected due to the cost of maintaining a roof. These homeowners would rather spend the money on purchasing and installing a new roof.

Despite this, roofing experts suggest pursuing maintenance because its cost will be cheaper than what you will spend on buying and installing a new roof as well as on fixing problems on your roof due to neglecting proper roof maintenance.

Tips on Saving Money on Roof Maintenance

Weekly Clean Up

If there are trees near your house and their branches are hanging over your roof, make sure you commit to a weekly cleaning of the roof with a special focus on removing dried leaves, small branches and debris. Keep in mind that the debris will eventually lead to a natural dam if not cleaned immediately. If there is a natural dam, there is definitely water. Water can leak from the roof, which will eventually lead to a more severe problem. You can use a broom or blower to remove the debris on your roof.

Shingles Check

Check your shingles regularly as they can easily become warped or curl up. Determine whether or not they are still efficient enough to perform their roles. If they are already curled, you will need to replace them at once. Curled shingles could lead to water leakage. Also, shingles may become loose or damaged after several years, especially after rough weather. You will have to check if they are loosening or damaged. If they are, you will need to replace them at once.

Roof Cleaning

residential roofingClean your roof at least once every 1-3 years. This will help you keep your roof looking new and clean. There are roof cleaners in every home improvement store, any brand will do. Use an insecticide sprayer or pressure washer to apply the cleaner on the roof. Follow the cleaner’s instructions on how many minutes or hours you need to soak your roof with it. After that, rinse your roof with water.

Inspect Gutter

To make roofing maintenance easier, make it a point that you clean your gutters regularly. Use a blower or a water hose to remove any debris on your foliage. Keeping your gutters clean will prevent debris building from up; thus, water will flow freely from your roof to the drainage.

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