How Does Summer Heat Affect Your Roof?

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residential roofingAfter a frigid and long winter has passed and summer has finally come, the last thing you would like to think about is what effect does the changing seasons have on your roof.  Winter could cause extensive damage to your roof, however, the heat brought by summer also pose a lot of threats that can lead to big issues. Wind damage and summer storms, heat deteriorating the materials, UV damage from the sun’s rays, as well as thermal shock when temperatures change from day to night could all lead to serious problems to your roof. Here’s how the summer heat can affect your residential roofing system.

Summer Heat’s Impact on Residential Roofing

UV Exposure – The sun’s UV rays are always bombarding your residential roofing Myrtle Beach, which causes it to decay and age. Although this is still true during cloudy days, it is particularly harmful during sunny, long summer days. Energy at this specific wavelength, even though not visible to the eye, can cause the wood to bleach, crack, and weaken, oils in the roof as well as the construction material to disappear, and the asphalt shingles to split and buckle.

Heat – if your roof is not shaded, the heat will be absorbed by dark colors, reaching extreme temperatures that reach 160°F on a 90°F day. The high temperatures can cause the chemical process to happen at a much faster pace, which can cause your roof as well as the construction materials to break down faster than expected. The appropriate attic ventilation can help prevent heat buildup from increasing the heat in the interior of your home and causing issues with condensation.

Thermal Shock – Roofing contractors say roofing can reach extremely high temperatures during the day, cooling off quickly once the sun sets, which will cause the roofing as well as the construction materials to contract and expand. This will cause the structural integrity of the roof weaker in the long run. It will be more problematic for metal, because it can warp and create gaps.

Summer Storms – Hail and wind can cause big problems with the integrity of your home, but by addressing these issues during spring, like inspecting the roof for damage to the structure from the attic, signs of damp patches under its eaves, gutter blockage, and damaged shingles, your roof’s flashing will be in good shape for the summer season, unless objects or a tree falls onto your home’s roof.

Since most of the roof damage during summer is cumulative, it means the problems appear after some time. The UV radiation, thermal shock, and heat will take a lot of time to appear, so a heat wave that lasts for one week will not cause your roof to fail. Generally speaking, a decade-old roof that is well maintained doesn’t have any problem. Develop an eye for roofing problems that may be developing and deal with it right away once you’ve spotted it. This will help you save cash when it comes to maintaining your roof.

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