Inspect Your Roof and Avoid Major Repairs This Winter

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Roof LeaksYou probably think that the major reason for roof repairs is from storms or other major weather events such as hurricanes.  However, a roofing contractor will tell you that the major reason for roof repairs is home owners who ignore their roof until it is too late and a major problem has developed.

Think of your roof the same way you think of your car.  With your car you should be doing regular oil changes, checking the fluids, tires, filters, etc.  You would never think of waiting for the transmission to quit, the engine to blow or another major breakdown before doing the recommended regular maintenance.

The same holds true for your roof.  Various parts of your business or home are subject to wear and tear every day.  Your carpets, doors and appliances are items you see every day and you usually know when they need repair.  Your roof on the other hand, is out of sight and out of mind so you will need to make an extra effort to do a basic inspection semi-annually.

Myrtle Beach Roofing Contractor Has A Few Simple Ways to Avoid Major Repairs

A good time to inspect your roof is when you are heading into winter (like we are now) and then again after the winter storms when we are looking forward to spring and summer.  A good way to remember this task is to do the inspection on the weekend when the time changes.

You will want to start with the inside of your home.  Walk through each room of your home and inspect for spots on the walls or ceilings.  Be sure and use a flashlight in the closets or crawl spaces and behind appliances and furniture to inspect for mold or water damage.  There is no such thing as a harmless watermark.  If you determine that the spot is the cause of a roof leak, a small watermark can lead to dry rot, pest infestation or even mold. Fixing a minor leak can save you a bigger investment in the future.

Take a look in your attic.  Make sure that you stay on the wood beams if you do not have a floor in your attic.  Use a inspect sheathing, ridge beams and rafters for water damage with a flashlight.  Take chalk and mark any spots you see, even minor ones.  Then at your next inspection you will be able to determine if the spot is growing.  Try to determine where the water is coming through your roof.  You will want to repair these minor leaks as soon as possible.

Do a visual inspection of your roof from outside your home.  Walk a distance away from your home or business and look at the surface of your roof.  Notice the surface, gutters or eaves and the flashing.  Are all parts of the roof smooth and straight?  If you notice any sagging it is an indication of a structural problem.  This could simply be that a beam was not correctly installed or it could be an indication of a bigger problem.

Take a closer inspection of the roof.  Be sure and read our article on safety prior to getting on your roof.  It is also a good idea to have another person on the ground when doing your inspection.  Look for:

  • missing or broken shingles
  • damage to attic or plumbing vents
  • damage to gutters or down spouts
  • inspect the flashing round the chimney

Make notes of what needs to be attended to in order to prevent leaks.

Most of the repairs will be minor and the average home owner or handyman can fix these small repairs before they become major investments.  However, you need to know when a roofing contractor is your best investment.  You can actually cause more damage if you take on a project for which you are not qualified.  If you have a neighbor or friend that is good at home maintenance, you may want to ask their opinion if you are not sure you should tackle the roof repair.

Taking the time to inspect your roof every so often can save a major investment in a roof replacement.  Call your Myrtle Beach roofing contractor, MB Roofing Pros, with your questions or for a free roofing contractor estimate.

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