Can Your Insurance Pay For A New Roof?

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new roofOne of the biggest investments you will have in your life is your house and that is why nobody wants to think how easily it can be wiped out in just a matter of minutes. You have to make sure that your insurance will cover for the new roof in the event that a tree crashes down on it. Whether it’s because of a storm, an unfortunate incident, or theft, it is crucial to make sure that you are covered once disaster strikes.

However, the line can easily get blurry when it involves roof damage. It makes it unclear if your insurance company is going to pay for your new roof in case you need it.

When will insurance pay for a new roof?

In most cases, homeowners insurance would pay for a brand new roof if it has been damaged due to an extreme weather event. However, the insurance company won’t pay for the cost if the damage was cost by regular wear and tear. Every situation is distinct and there is no once size fits all solution when it comes to whether the insurance will pay for the new roof Myrtle Beach or not.

Roofing insurance is a part of the homeowner’s insurance and will cover the roof when it needs to be repaired or replaced. This includes roof damage that are caused by reasons that cannot be controlled by the homeowner like vandalism or fire. You should double check your insurance policy so you can remind yourself about the things that are covered and not covered at least once every year is a good practice to assist in preventing unpleasant surprises that could make a bad circumstances much worse.

What if it’s a maintenance issue? Will insurance still cover it?

In most cases no. Not all roofing insurance companies cover all insurance needs. For instance, if you have an old roof, like about two decades, insurance companies may consider it as past its life expectancy and may decide to reimburse only a part of the roof repair or roof replacement costs.

However, the costs for the roof repair due to improper maintenance wont’ be covered. The insurance will also not pay if it is due to neglect or old age. In case you did not maintain the roof properly or you decided to fix it yourself instead of hiring a roofer then insurance companies won’t acknowledge your claim.

Signs That You Need A New Roof

The National Roofing Contractors Association said that homeowners must do a regular roof inspection at least twice a year. It should be one in the spring and then another one in the fall. This will help diagnose possible problems early on. Homeowners must also check their roof after a major storm or weather event to ensure that the roof is in good condition.

Check for worn out shingles or those that are missing, split, buckled, or curled. Look for peeling wallpaper or discoloured plasterboard. Check the flashing surrounding the vents and skylights and be sure that there are no breaks or cracks.

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