Locating and Fixing Roof Leaks

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Roof installation Myrtle BeachAlthough a roof leak can be very frustrating, it is possible to repair your roof with some patience. The first step in locating the leak is obvious. This guide will help you locate the leak by inspecting specific areas indoors.

Roof Leak Guide

These are signs of a roof leak, but could also be a sign that there is moisture or humidity issues in your home. We’ll show you how to properly inspect your roof so you can tell the difference between indoor condensation and a roof problem.

Roof Leak vs Condensation

A condensation problem is usually indicated by several small spots on your ceiling, rather than one large stain. These smaller stains are often found near exterior walls. They can appear even if there hasn’t been any rain. A white center is another sign of a condensation problem. A mold problem can develop from water condensation that is not immediately obvious. In the event of condensation, you will need to call water restoration professionals.

The stain will appear on ceilings all over the place, not just near walls. You will see a darker center stain that becomes lighter as it moves away. This happens because the center stain is older than the outer edge.

Roof Leaks and Sagging Ceilings are to be avoided

Rainwater on the ceiling is the main cause of a sagging ceiling. As the water moistens your ceiling, it will eventually cause damage. The ceiling will sag from the weight of the water. You will need to drain all water from the roof by making a small hole in the ground and then storing it in a basin.

Paint that is pealing

A roof leak is indicated by wallpaper that is ripping off the wall or peeling paint. A roof leak can be detected by peeling paint on the inner wall rather than an exterior wall.

Mold may indicate a roof leak

Mold can indicate a roof leak, or condensation as we have already mentioned. Mold will be most visible around chimneys and vents. The main cause of mold is often a lead leak in the flashing of a metallic roof. This type of roof leak is much easier to find than a leak from a tile or shingle.

Once you’ve found a leak, you can trace it back to get an accurate estimate of the location. It is important to have plans of your house in order to locate the leak.

Repairing a leak in a tile roof, or roofing shingles can be simple. Most likely, the leak is caused by cracked or damaged tiles. You can simply replace the tiles if that is the case. Roof cement is also required to seal the tile. Check out our article about roof safety.

If you have a metal roof, locate the leakage and seal it with roof cement or caulk.

A roofing professional is the best choice if you don’t feel like fixing roof leaks. This is the best and most reliable way to fix those unanticipated leaks.

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