Maintaining your roof

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roofing contractorWell maintained roofs are one of the best ways to protect your commercial or residential properties. This is why roofing contractor encourage proactive damage prevention and maintenance.

In general, homeowners spend between 1 and 4 percent annually on roof maintenance and repairs. However, this figure will increase with age. You can reduce repair costs by being active and involved in maintaining your roof.

Roofing Contractor: Preventive Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Roof

Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

Roof damage can be caused by strong winds or excessive rain. A single storm can cause damage to your roof, gutters and even water damage. To ensure your home is safe from the elements, you must be vigilant. You should be alert for signs like missing fasteners, cracked gutters, loose flashing, damaged or missing shingles, and missing fasteners as you inspect your roof.

Replacing any missing shingles

It is important to replace any missing shingles as soon as possible to prevent water from entering your roof’s substructure and leaking into your attic. Even a small amount of water can cause serious damage to nearby woodwork and eventually compromise the roof’s integrity. Do not wait too long as one simple vulnerability can lead to flooding, property damage and erosion.

Look out for signs of mold growth and algae

If you don’t check it, mold growth and algae can cause a corrosive reaction to your roof and its support structure. This could lead to a decrease in the roof’s lifespan. You should be aware of discoloration and black streaks as well as blotchy, blue-green patches on your exterior. Gloeocapsa Magma is the most frequent form of algae growth.

Watch out for Standing Water

Standing water is a problem on flat commercial roofs. However, it can also be a problem on low pitched roofs. If you notice that the rainwater isn’t draining properly or has remained for longer than 48 hours, you should contact a roofing contractor immediately to check for signs of sagging. Standing water will not only add unnecessary weight to your roof but it can also cause damage to flashing and shingles. Call a roofer for help.

Verify your Roof’s Flashing

Flashing acts as a sealer between roofing joints and prevents water from leaking through seams in skylights, dormer walls, etc. They are mostly made from copper, aluminium and galvanized sheet metal. However, they all succumb to corrosion over time. This important component of your home’s insulation will be protected by making sure the flashing is properly installed and free from rust.

Trim Overhanging Trees

If a tree branch falls onto your roof, it can cause major damage. This could result in roof repairs costing thousands of dollars. It can be difficult to tell if your trees are healthy or weak. To do this, you will need to remove any branches that may be hanging over.

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