How To Prevent Costly Roof Repairs After A Storm

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roof repairAccording to many homeowners and roofers, among the most common causes of costly roof repair Myrtle Beach are damages from storms and strong rains. These natural weather occurrences can impact a household in several ways depending on how strong and severe it is. However, a home’s roof is one of the first ones to be affected by storms.

Unfortunately, most of the damages a storm can inflict to one’s roof can be hidden for a long time. Some of the damages can be difficult to detect. This is what makes the effects of a storm to one’s roof more deadly. Although signs of wear and tear can instantly be seen, some of the more severe damages are not obvious at first, unless a proper and thorough inspection is conducted.

For example, storms and strong rains and winds can loosen up roof shingles. When this happens, it creates small gaps in between the shingles where rain water can seep through and cause further damage not only to the roof but also to the entire roof structure and home foundation. Keep in mind that when water seeps through, it can cause mold and mildew to develop in the attic and, thus, cause wood rotting.

Inspecting your roof to prevent roof repairs

Professional roofer Myrtle Beach suggest conducting an immediate roof inspection to identify and detect areas of your roof that need repair. The inspection should be conducted immediately after the storm or rain and when it is safe for the home owner to come out and check the extent of the damage to their roof.

Although, you can always call in a professional roofing contractor Myrtle Beach to conduct the roof inspection, they may not be able to immediately come to your aid, considering they may find it difficult to drive to your house right after the storm. Also, it helps if you already have something to report to your roofer when you make the call. If they have a general idea of the services and repairs that your roof needs, they could bring the tools and equipment they need and, thus, be able to instantly repair your roof.

When conducting a roof inspection on your own, here are some of the things that you may want to check:

Leaks or holes in the attic. The most obvious signs of leaks and holes in the attic are water stains and spots. On the other hand, this may take a couple of hours to form so you may want to check back on your attic to confirm whether or not there are leaks and holes. Also, the stains and spots are effective ways to point you in the direction of the leaks.

Conduct a visual inspection of the roof from the ground. Climbing up the roof after a storm is not recommended for homeowners as the roof may still be slippery or there might be more damage on the roof. Climbing up and walking on it may cause the damage to become more severe, which can cause you to fall off your roof.

As part of the visual inspection, you will want to check for roof debris on the ground. A part of your roof shingles and roof granules in the ground may mean that some of your roof shingles has become loose, been removed or stripped from your roof. Should this happen, you will need to call in a roofer to do immediate roof repairs; thus, preventing rain water from seeping through the gaps and holes from the missing and damaged shingles.

Check for damages on your gutters and other roof accessories. According to many roofers, these are the primary ones to get damaged by a storm or strong rain. Dents and other issues may be present in your gutters and roof vents. Also keep in mind that damaged gutters can also cause clogging of your roof drainage, which will eventually lead to flooding, rotting of your gutters, and mold growth and development throughout the house.

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