Regular Roof Inspections For Safer Roofs

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Roof leaks Myrtle BeachSmart homeowners know several great ways to keep their property in tip-top shape. However, they follow one remarkably basic little suggestion: get to know your house inside and out. Make sure to examine it over regularly, especially the roof. A severe roof leak is not a very good sight as it can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your house and what’s inside it. The perfect time to try to find prospective danger signals is in spring or summer season before the leaves begin to fall and cover the hints. So be sensible and learn ways to inspect the condition of your roof.

The Best Time To Inspect Your House Roof

Carry out a regular visual inspection of your roof, preferably two times, in late spring and then once more in late summertime through early fall. In addition, examine the roof as soon as possible after extreme weather– severe rains, strong winds, or a heavy snow or ice storm– to see how it has made it through. An emergency situation assessment is called for when you notice a leak, moisture, mildew, or a musty odor anywhere in the house that has no other apparent source. You might likewise want to inspect your roof more frequently when your roof repair material is coming close to the end of its guarantee period.

What To Look For

Be sure to include all of the following roof components in your examination:

Roof surface area— search for missing, broken, deformed, loose, or rotten shingles or tiles (depending upon exactly what your roof is made from), moss or mold, standing water, and particles that will need to be removed.

Roof overhangs-– stay on the lookout for cracking paint discovered under roof overhangs. This is a caution indication of wetness.

Flashing— watch out for corrosion, cracks, or damages in the flashing (the metal pieces which cover the chimney location, dormers, and vent pipelines). Malfunctioning flashing will allow rain and snow, resulting in rot unless the problem is taken care of immediately.

Gutters— make certain that the gutters are clear of leaves, dirt, and dislodged roof tiles or masses of colored granules from aging asphalt shingles. The latter is a distinct sign that your roof will require repair service pronto.

The underside of the roof— from the attic, look for drooping ceilings, leaks, and holes. A good clue that there may be some serious trouble is sunshine noticeable through gaps in the roof. Note the specific areas (taking an image is the most basic way) so that you will have a clear guide when you generate a roofing contractor to fix the problem.

Ways to Examine Securely

  • Use excellent quality binoculars to examine your roof from the ground, if you can manage to get an unblocked view from there. Otherwise, climb up on a durable extension ladder; make sure that it is stable, put on the solid level ground, not in front of a door, and extended a minimum of 3 feet above the roof edge.
  • Making use of a fiberglass ladder, rather than an aluminum one, will assist in protecting you against electrocution from nearby power lines. (Even wood can carry electricity if it ends up being moist.) Work with a buddy on the ground, if at all possible, or at least let somebody know you will be going up to the roof.
  • Wear rubber-soled shoes or tennis shoes with good treads to give you traction and never ever walk on a tiled roof. The safest strategy is to hire a knowledgeable, certified roofer for an extensive inspection.

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