Effective Ways Of Protecting Your Roof During Hurricane Season

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roof inspectionHurricane season is just around the corner and it will be a matter of time before one hits our area. There are a number of things that you need to make sure your roof is protected. One of them is making sure that your roof isn’t going anywhere when strong winds come by. Getting a roof inspection before the seasons comes is a wise decision. Any vulnerable areas can be fixed right away. Unlike other damages like broken window panes, roof damages will set you back a couple of thousand dollars in repairs. That’s why it pays to get your roof in its best condition before hurricane season comes in.

Here are ways to make sure your roof is prepared when hurricanes come

Checking the attic

The first area that’s going to be affected by any leaks in the attic. So, it only makes sense to check this area first. The roof’s exterior may seem fine but there could be small leaks that won’t be easily detected. Check the attic for any signs of leaks. Watermarks are easily noticed and it’s hard to miss them. If you see such an indication, be sure to contact your roofing contractor for roof repair.

Check and clean the gutters

Gutter cleaning is not the best way to spend your weekend. However, it helps to clean your gutters every so often. Clean gutters mean water gets directed to the downspout and into the drainage system. Clogged gutters are prone to overflowing which sends the water everywhere and could cause roofing issues. Hire a roofer if you must as long as the cleaning gets done.

Check for any missing shingles

A visual inspection from afar doesn’t always yield the best results. If you want to be sure that your roof is indeed in top shape, hire a roofer and have a roof inspection in Myrtle Beach done. The only way that missing shingles are seen is through a close-up inspection. Shingles must be secured onto the roof. Missing shingles only open up the roof to possible leakage during a hurricane. It’s best to find any problem areas and get them patched up as soon as possible.

Check for signs of wear

Again, this step can only be performed by a professional roofer. Unless you have what it takes to spot issues on the roof, you should call a roofer. A roof that is more than 20 years old would show significant signs of wear. However, those that are a decade old need to be checked regularly as they are getting older and need more attention.

Prune nearby trees

A fallen tree branch can easily damage your roof and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. An easy way to prevent a roofing disaster is to prune any nearby trees. Even if there are no overhanging branches, pruning the trees makes them less susceptible to strong winds, thus lessening the chances of trees falling on your house.

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