Roof Maintenance Tips For The Winter Season

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residential roofingThe winter season brings some additional wear and tear to your roof. To help in preventing costly damage, be sure to check these residential roofing maintenance tips for the colder days.

It’s almost winter time and that means temperatures are dropping and you would want to remain indoors more than the other seasons of the year. Is the roof of your home all set to support your warm home?

Making sure that your roof remains in tip top shape is something you need to do all year round. However, it is especially important to concentrate on roof maintenance during winter. Between the freezing temperatures and snow, this is the time when your roof takes the biggest hit.

You have to spend some time to correctly protect your roof. Below you will find seven ways involving roof maintenance in winter to make sure that it stays at its peak performance.

Remove The Snow Right Away

Snow on your roof can look perfect if it is on a postcard. Unfortunately, it could also cause damage when it is left to sit on your roof for too long.

Together with ice, snow will create a heavy weight on the roof. This means any part where it is slightly compromised can be at risk of incurring major damage.

When precipitation stays on the roof, it could create what is referred to as an ice dam whenever it melts. Water on the roof is nothing new, however, it is the refreezing that will create the problem.

If the temperatures drop bellowing freezing point (generally overnight), the melted ice will harden back up again. Consequently, it will create a dam in and around your gutters, which will backup runoff precipitation. This could loosen the shingles or create leaks.

Get rid of the snow and ice from the roof as fast and as thoroughly as you can to make sure that it remains dryer longer. As the conditions could make the surfaces very slippery, it is a good idea to hire a roofing contractor to come and fix the problem for you.

Fix The Flashing

As you begin your winter roof maintenance routine, check your existing flashing. Even if it’s installed correctly several years back, over time it could become loosened or warped. When it’s faulty, have it fixed as soon as possible. With the incorrect flashing, snow as well as other icy precipitation are permitted to freely enter the roof. When too much extra moisture accumulates, you can expect an interior leak. The same idea can be applied to the shingles. In case any are starting to chip or peel up, replace them right away. If they remain unsecured, they will let moisture to accumulate and seep into the ceiling.

Check your Gutters

Among the first places where freezing precipitation build up are the gutters. That’s why it is crucial to inspect them on a regular basis for signs of ice dams. One general rule is that when you see icicles that are hanging off of them, you are most likely expecting a build up.

The primary issue is that when they are filled with ice, the gutters could become weak, not able to hold the weight, consequently, they could tear away from your house. This will create structural damage and will leave you with a significant repair bill.

Get rid of all the ice dams at first sight so you can make sure that your gutters remain strong and properly working.

Remediate All The Wind Damage

Although snow and ice are the two conditions that you think of when maintaining your roof during winter, never discount the power of wind. Whenever a major storm comes through the area, wind could be as detrimental as any kind of wet precipitation.

Check for wind damaged roof and be sure to take steps to fix any spots that might have been compromised. You are specifically searching for missing, damaged, or broken shingles or other roofing components.

When left unattended, these exposed spots will not just open your home to potential leaks. They will also serve as the best place for mold and mildew as well as nasty bacteria to grow and thrive. So, get in touch with your roofer to come patch or fix any areas that win will tear away.

Inspect The Attic Ventilation

You may not know it but your attic’s performance is linked directly to the performance of the roof. Why? In case your attic is insulated or ventilated poorly, it could expose the roof more directly to the elements in winter, letting problems such as ice dams to form.

When you are conducting your winter roof inspection, go in and make sure that the attic has enough insulation as well as solid routes for the ventilation. By keeping the airflow consistent, you can help in protecting your roof.

Take Out All The Debris

You have to be sure that your roof as well as its surrounding elements like gutters, downspouts, and flashing are free of debris. This could include leaves, pine needles, as well as other grime that could build up on the surface.

If you do this, you will help make sure that in case a storm does hit, the moisture does not have an additional grip on the roof. When it sticks to debris, these tiny pieces could become water logged and rot eventually, which could lead to leaks or other damages. Get a rake or a broom and clear as many as you can during fall season to make sure that your roof is clear during the winter season.

Hire An Expert Roofing Contractor

Although there are some roof maintenance tasks that you can do yourself, if you would really like to get your house in tip top shape for the winter season, it is best to hire the assistance of a roofer Myrtle Beach to deal with the major work.

Before winter comes, you should secure your roof now. Deal with small problems right away to prevent them from turning into major problems down the road.

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