Roof Repair – Things You Should Do When Your Roof Sustained Storm Damage

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roof repairHeavy rains, strong winds, and high-speed flying debris are the components of a dangerous storm. Your roof has it rough when a storm hits. Out of all the components of your home, the roof has the greatest surface area. This means it is likely to sustain the most damage in case a storm comes by. And this is all on top of everything that your roof goes through every year. However, storm damage can range anywhere from minor to major. You may need to get roof repair done or a complete replacement.

There are different signs that tell you whether your roof has been damaged or not. Some are rather obvious while other are inconspicuous.

Here are signs you should look out for to determine whether you need roof repair  Myrtle Beach or replacement:

  • The condition of your shingles – a visual inspection will help you figure out whether roof repair is necessary. Check the shingles if you see any cracks, buckling, or missing shingles. Do also check the gutter for any shingle granules.
  • Missing flashing – the flashing on your roof serves an important purpose. It’s there to make sure that all the conjunctions on your roof are water-tight. If you happen to notice the flashing on chimneys, vents, and skylights are missing, call your roofing contractor to have them replaced.
  • Water damage in the attic and ceiling – if there are any leaks on your roof, you will find out soon enough since there will be water in your attic and your ceiling if it goes undetected for quite a while.

Will a roof replacement be necessary?

You may or may not need a roof replacement. The best way to know is to have a roof inspection done by a professional roofer. Although you could perform your own visual inspection, it may not yield the best results. For a more accurate assessment of the damage, you should hire a reliable roofing contractor like South Myrtle Beach Roofing.

Some damages may be negligible and can be mended by simple repairs. On the other hand, extreme cases may require an actual replacement of the roof. Either way, it is best to have a roof inspection done by professional roofers for an accurate report on the status of your roof. Also, it would be best to hire a roofer that can aid you with your home insurance claim.

How do I proceed with filing an insurance claim?

It can be quite confusing to file a homeowner’s insurance claim especially if it is your first time doing so. It’s even more difficult when it comes to a roof damage. Most of the time, insurance companies have stringent rules wit filing claims. Getting the claim approved is an entirely different story.

However, it will be to your advantage if you hire a roofer that knows how to handle an inspection specifically for the purpose of filing an insurance claim. It will make your life easier and increase the chances of your claim getting approved.

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