Roof Repair Tips: Dealing with Hail Damage On Your Roof

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In the United States, hail and high-speed winds were responsible for approximately $15 billion worth of damages last year. This caused hundreds of homes to be damaged and it accounted for 40% of all roof repair and insurance claims.

Damage caused by hail can quickly increase the cost of repairs to your vehicle, windows, and especially a roof. A broken window or dented car are two obvious signs of hail damage. It’s the smaller, less obvious hail damage that requires a trained eye. Even if there isn’t obvious hail damage to your roof, you still need to have a hail damage roof inspection. This will allow you to determine how much roof damage you have and what steps you should take to repair it.

What does hail damage do to a roof?

Hail damage to roofs can have different effects depending on several factors. Wind speed, hail size, wind direction, roof material, slope, age, and materials all affect the potential roof damage that may occur during hailstorms. Roof damage from hail storms can cause roof leaks or other problems.

Functional or cosmetic damage can cause injury. Sometimes, it is more serious than it appears. Even though these may appear cosmetic, serious complications can result from things like punctures, broken edges, bruises and granule losses.

Let’s take a closer look at how hail damage affects roofs.

Granule loss

Granules, which look like sandpaper, are the sandpaper-like parts of the shingle. A shingle that has lost its granules will see its asphalt coating exposed to the elements and experience accelerated aging. Check your gutters and downspouts following a hailstorm to determine if any granules are missing from your shingles.

Cracks in the Shingles

High winds and hard hail can cause cracks in shingles. Exposure and tears can result in roof damage, leaving you with no roof covering. Your roof cannot be protected from the elements by cracked shingles.

Exposed fiberglass mat

A roof’s hail impact can cause shingles to shatter and separate from the fiberglass mat beneath.

Fractured fiberglass mat

It can be difficult to spot fracturing fiberglass and requires a skilled eye. From a hail impact, fracturing fiberglass mats could cause tears or cracks.

A weakened strip of self-seal

Your shingles can be damaged by hail and high winds. A weak seal can cause shingles to fall off, and your roof could be exposed to the elements. The integrity of a shingle can be permanently damaged once it is damaged. It can cause roof leaks and can also cause damage to other shingles.

These are the most common types of hail roof damage. You can then start looking for damage to your property after a hailstorm.

How can you tell if hail damage has occurred to your exterior or roof?

Although severe roof damage such as shingles being ripped off or tree branches falling down is obvious, minor damage can be difficult to spot with an untrained eye. To assess hail damage to your roof, have a professional inspect it.

Your gutters are the first place to check for hail damage. Your gutters and downspouts will be damaged by hailstorms that cause roof damage. This is the best place to look for signs of roof damage. You will likely have roof problems if your gutters or downspouts are damaged.

Due to the hail particles that can fall on shingles, gutters can also clog and fill up. Gutter overflowing or clogged indicates hail damage to your roof.

Your siding is the second, followed by your deck. These areas are likely to be damaged by a hailstorm, and can serve as indicators of potential shingle damage. You should have your roof inspected if hail damage is seen on the deck or siding.

How does hail damage to roofs look?

Hail damage to your roof can be evident if hail is more than one inch in diameter. Roof damage can become even more severe when hail is mixed with strong winds. You will likely see damage signs such as damaged siding, cracked windows or dented gutters. Even smaller hail can cause damage to your roof that is not visible. Contact a storm damage team to inspect your roof after a hailstorm, no matter how small.

What does hail damage look on a roof like?

There are different types of asphalt shingles damage. However, hail can also crack or shatter concrete or clay. You can easily see the damage, but when you think about hail impact marks, you will come to realize that an expert roofing contractor can spot important and small details that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye.

Does hail damage require roof repair?

We recommend that everyone has their roof checked by professional roofers like MB Roofing Pros after a hailstorm. A skilled roofer will quickly assess the extent of the damage.

Roof inspections are usually free and can be done if your roof was damaged by a storm. If you are unsure if you need hail damage roof inspections, you can look for signs like those mentioned above. A hail damage roof inspection should be considered if you find more than one sign of damage to your siding or a dented gutter. Shingle damage can be either severe or mild, as we have already mentioned. It’s easy to see when severe hail damage has occurred. However, it is more difficult to determine what type of roof repair may be required or if roof replacement is needed.

What happens if you ignore these repairs?

If left untreated, roof and shingle damage can quickly become a problem. They can eventually lead to mold damage, electrical problems, or rotting timber, all of which are costly to repair.

For example, wood rot or mold can quickly spiral out of control. They are difficult to spot until it is too late. You can save thousands of dollars by being proactive and keeping your home in top condition.

How to Handle Hail Roof Damage

Once you’ve decided what to do, and if your house was damaged, it is important to find a roofing contractor you can trust.

Is hail damage to a roof covered by insurance?

The typical homeowner’s policy will cover hail damage to the roof. However, coverage can be tailored depending on your location, your insurer, and other details.

What is the maximum time I can file an insurance claim for hail damage?

Most insurance companies require that you file a claim within one year of discovering hail damage on your roof. After hail damage has been suspected, we recommend scheduling an appointment to have your roof examined as soon as you can. It is important to allow enough time for damage assessment and to receive quotes for hail damage roof repair.

Call MB Roofing Pros if you need help with your roof. Whether it’s installation, repair or replacement, our team of roofing contractors can help.

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