The Risks and Benefits Of Roof Replacement During Winter

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roof replacementHomeowners often call roofing contractors because of problems with leaks. When the pros arrive at their home, they do a thorough inspection and find that they need a roof replacement. Most homeowners ask if they can wait until spring to have a new roof. Intuitively, replacing a roof in the winter does not seem to be a good idea. Let us determine this by consider three important components that have a significant effect of the final results. These are the human factor, the capacity of the tools to perform, as well as the shingle product.

First of all, there are people who will be working on your roof and not machines or robots. Morale in roofing is extremely important, just like in other trades. When people do not like their job, they tend to cut corners especially if they can get the job done faster this way. Beginning the day shoveling as well as ice breaking on the roof will not help the morale of the team. Nevertheless, it is a must to install on the right substrate and snow as well as ice are not part of the list. We have to get to the bare deck, particularly in new construction. Any type of precipitation will create a slippery slope, which adds to the level of hazard and decreasing the speed as well as comfort of the workers. The temperature should not be neglected because roofing can be very physically demanding. Are you willing to run a marathon while carrying 30 pounds of gear? Since they have to use their fingers accurately and bend their toes as well, a roofer could only wear small boots and gloves. For many roofing contractors, it is uncomfortable when it is freezing and nearly impossible when it is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The next one are the tools. Different tools will be used by a roofing contractor. Some of the are not affected by temperature but there are those that are like nail guns and compressors. If compressing as well as releasing the air in your unit, humidity will become into water. In case the temperature is freezing then the water might freeze in the airlines as well and lower the airflow that the roofing contractor gets on the roof. Nails have to be installed flush along with the shingles, not over driven or under driven. If the airline is obstructed by ice, nails might not be able to push deep down as they are expected to, which increases the risk for nails that are underdriven. The situation would need more attention from the roofing contractor to routinely set the depth adjuster of the gun and from the crew to track the presence of ice or humidity in the system.

The third thing you need to consider when it comes to roof replacement Myrtle Beach, there is also the issue of whether the shingles can be installed during winter. The answer is yes but certain precautionary measures need to be taken. The shingle’s asphaltic material might lose its resistance and flexibility when the temperature drops. It will be more difficult to bend and cut the shingles. They will most likely be overdriven by nails whenever they use regular pressure in the system. It is also important to consider if cold weather application is likely to boost the risks of the blow offs. All shingles come with a self sealant strip, which prevents the wind to catch them. This glue will activate at varying temperatures based on the manufacturer plus the manufacturer might say that the shingles aren’t tabbing correctly due to the temperature, then need to be hand sealed.

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