Make Your Roof System Last Longer

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Roof Inspections Myrtle BeachIt is easy for homeowners to forget about the important outdoor structure that protects your entire indoor space. The majority of asphalt roofing systems will protect your home for approximately 15 years. However, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that you inspect your roof during the fall and summer.

Top-Roofing System Maintenance Tips

1. Beware of property buyers. It is best to start any type of roof covering assessment before the closing date. To assess the roof’s condition and to anticipate future repairs, have a professional inspect it.

2. Gutter cleaning. You can clean the gutters of fallen leaves and other particles. There are many other things that can block your gutter system, such as branches and leaves, and cause water to back up into the attic, living space, or behind fascia boards. It is recommended that your roof be cleaned at least twice a year to ensure that your water drainage system flows freely.

3. Insulation is a must. Proper insulation is the best way to achieve optimal airflow and air movement. It is important to have a layer of insulation that is not brittle on the attic floor and a vapor retarder underneath the insulation. This will prevent heat loss or gain from the attic.

4. Avoid spotting. Pay attention to the color of your roof system. The north part of a roofing system, which is usually the northern component, will eventually develop mold, mildew, and algae. If left untreated, it will eventually weaken the roofing shingles, which can lead to leakages and other signs of a problem.

5. Roof repairs can be done yourself. If you’re brave enough to attempt roofing repairs yourself, keep in mind the dangers of being up there. When necessary, it’s best to stay on a ladder with support and rubber safety feet. To avoid sliding, you can put on shoes if you decide to walk on the roof.

6. Damaged tiles on your roof. Look for signs of damage to roof shingles. Tiles can become damaged from daily exposure to various elements, which can cause them to become brittle and fall apart. This will make the roofing structure and interior room more susceptible to water infiltration and rot. It is a smart idea to inspect your roofing system every year to ensure that they are stable.

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