When To Call Your Roofing Contractor For Shingles Replacement

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roof replacementAmong the most common reasons why you call your roofing contractor is because your roof shingles need replacement. How can you be sure that it really needs replacement? Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine whether or not it’s time to have your roof shingles replaced. This is especially true for first time homeowners who have little knowledge in proper maintenance and upkeep of their home.

To help you determine the right time to call your Myrtle Beach roofing contractor and have your shingles replaced, here are five signs you need to keep an eye out for:

Shingles that are clawed or curled.

Extremely hot temperatures brought on by summer can cause your roof shingles to easily curl and claw. Aside from this, older roofs are more at risk of clawing or curling shingles.

If you see curled or clawed shingles, you will need to have a roof replacement at once as this quickly leads to rigid shingles that can break easily. Your shingles will then be removed and have loose tab edges. Plus, curled shingles puts your roof at risk of being uplifted by the wind and damaged by ice in winter.

Presence of bare spots on the roof and loss of granules

Another common sign that you shouldn’t ignore is the presence of bare spots on your roof and the loss of granules. These can be primarily caused by old age, improper maintenance, and continuous waterfall on the roof, which may be due to improper placement of downspouts, not enough eaves trough, or improperly designed drainage.

When granules are washed away from shingles, they can easily harden especially during summer when there is extreme heat. The loss of granules may also cause the shingles to decay, which would, in turn, lead to leak problems. Eventually, it will lead to faster aging and wear and tear on your roof.

Damage to the shingles

Excessive wind and other extreme weather conditions can cause damage to your shingles. Primarily, it can break your shingles and cause it to go missing. As a result, water will easily accumulate on the areas where the shingles are broken, damaged, or missing. According to a professional roofing contractor, this can either lead to decay or leakage problems.

Buckling shingles

Aging, wear and tear, and improper installation of the underlayment material results to waving distortions that is often visible vertically on your roof slope. This problem is called buckling shingles. When your shingles buckle, they have less protection against the wind and ice. They can be easily damaged and torn off as compared to normal roof shingles.

Damage on the flashings

If you opt to install flashing details on your roof, you should know how to properly maintain them and how to immediately identify signs of damage. You’ll know you will have to replace your shingles if your flashings show signs of separation, lifting, and drying out.

The most common cause of lifted flashings are expansion and contraction. If you fail to fix the damage on your flashings, it will lead to creating a source of water leakage, which will cause more costly roof repairs.

Taking care of your roof is important to ensure its long lifespan so it can serve you well for more years. Call MB Roofing Pros for assistance.

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