How Roofs Can withstand Extreme Weather

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Roofing Myrtle BeachMany homeowners are increasingly concerned about ensuring their roof can withstand extreme weather, including those that could cause serious damage to their property. It is important to note that this does not depend on the type of roof you have.

You should consider other factors to ensure that your roof can withstand severe weather conditions.

Roofs that can withstand weather conditions

If the roof is constructed conventionally, it will hold its place even in strong winds.

Modified bitumen membranes are used to create this type of roof. They are securely and completely attached to a concrete deck. Strong winds and storms can cause damage to flashings or cut in certain places. However, the good news is that the roof will remain in place.

The roof is protected from flying debris by the use of gravel in the flood coat.

This gravel-surfaced, built-up roof is constructed using gravel that has been incorporated in the flood coating. This protects the roof against flying debris, which is more common in extreme weather conditions. Gravel also adds weight to roof, which effectively holds it down in strong winds. This type of roof has a drawback: lost gravel surfacing can cause damage to surrounding structures.

Roofs can be strengthened against the worst natural disasters by attaching to steel decks.

Attaching it to steel decks will make your modified bitumen roof or built-up roofing system more resilient to hurricanes and storms. Roof membrane will not be damaged by water, but it will pull up from the deck.

Flying debris can cause more damage to a single-ply sheet than to a multi-ply one.

A single-ply sheet is generally more storm-resistant than mechanically joined roofing structures. This is largely dependent on how roof membranes were attached.

As long as they are properly held in place, mechanically connected roofing frames can withstand storms.

It is easy for layers and membranes to be blown off if they were cut. Wind could enter the cuts and release the screws. This will cause the roof sheets to be blown off gradually. If there are no punctures, the roof will still be up.

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