Five Upgrades that Go With Roof Replacement

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Myrtle Beach Roof replacementRoof replacement is not always glamorous, but it’s a vital home project. These five upgrades will make your roof more attractive, improve its functionality, and increase its lifespan.

Roofing Upgrades To Consider When Doing a Roof Replacement

Airtight Chimney Cap Installation

Airtight chimney caps are more energy-efficient than metal or masonry chimney caps. They can prevent rain, birds and other creatures from getting into the chimney. When your fireplace isn’t in use, warm air from your home will escape through the chimney to cool off. Because the chimney is not airtight, the damper inside your fireplace will not prevent it from burning. While your roof is being replaced, ask your roofing contractor to install an airtight chimney cap.

Installation of Eave Flashing

Eave flashing is a great investment if you’re aware of the damage that an ice dam can do to your roof. These bituminous membranes are applied prior to shingling and can be applied up to 2 feet below the exterior wall plane. These membranes will seal the roof’s eaves. This is the area where ice dams are most likely to form.

Roof Ventilation Upgrade

If they aren’t maintained, attics can become a furnace in the summer. The heat from the attic will radiate into the rooms below it, making them uncomfortable. Your roofing contractor in Myrtle Beach should install ridge vents on the roof to keep the attic cool. Ridge vents are not visible from the street, and encourage air movement underneath the ridge cap. Vents located under the eaves of the roof will allow for efficient ventilation. They draw cool air into the attic and expel hot hair. Gable vents may be required to provide adequate airflow.

Shingles that are energy efficient

It is recommended that you choose light-colored shingles if you desire a cooler roof. This option may not be the most appealing for homeowners. You can find reflective shingles in a variety of colors today, including slate and wood tones. Granules not only reflect sunlight but also reflect most of the heat absorbed by the earth. A cool roof can save you at least seven percent, and up to fifteen percent depending on your climate and construction.

Installation of low-maintenance gutters

You might consider removing your existing gutters while you’re installing a new roof on your home. Maintenance gutters made of curved woods can be cleaned easily. The unique design prevents clogging and staining of the gutters. You don’t have to climb up a ladder to clean your gutters.

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