The Best Ways to Maintain and Clean Your Roof

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cleaning roofSafeguard one of the biggest parts of your house– the roofing system– with regular cleaning and inspection. This needs to be accomplished a minimum of two times a year, in the fall to get your roofing fit for the cold weather and once again in spring to see how it has stood up to winter’s hardships. More regular appointments might be essential after windstorms or heavy rains. Read the terms of your house owner’s insurance plan and your roofing service warranty thoroughly to see what roof maintenance is required. For the very best care, establish a professional upkeep strategy through your roofer.

Roof Safety Ideas

If you are planning to clean your roof yourself, begin working from the top down. Utilize a sturdy ladder and work with a buddy or at a minimum of let someone know that you are working from atop a ladder. Safeguard your hands with protective gloves and your eyes with safety glasses. Avoid walking on the roof surface area where possible; nevertheless, if you must do so, ensure you are wearing rubber-soled shoes. Watch out for power lines and stay off the roof after a rain to decrease the risk of electrical shock.

On Top of Your Roofing

What to watch out for:

  • Particles such as sticks and leaves. Remove these with a broom.
  • Moss, fungi, or algae. These organisms will “eat” your roof if left uncontrolled. Remove them with a long-handled brush. Then prevent vegetation from coming back by installing lead, zinc, or copper control strips.
  • Neighboring trees. Trim branches that are overhanging given that these might fall in a storm, drop fruit, or act as a hassle-free “bridge” to let animal bugs climb up onto your roof.
  • Bird population. Bird droppings often have a high acid material, which eats away at your roofing material. Nests may obstruct your roof drains or your chimney, both significant hazards. Drain blockage generally leads to standing water, the weight which can trigger the roof to fall. A nest in your chimney is bothersome in 2 ways when you use your fireplace: it is highly flammable and it can result in a buildup of lethal carbon monoxide gas inside your home. Wear a mask when eliminating nests or droppings to prevent inhaling contaminants. Set up a chimney cover to prevent birds and other animals out in future.

The Roofing Product Itself

  • Check for loose, cracked, curled, blistered, or missing shingles, which will need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Try to find rot or insect problem in the wood.
  • Inspect the flashing in the location of the chimney, vents, and exhaust pipelines. Be on the alert for bends, holes, or dry, loose caulk.
  • While you’re at it, check the condition of the caulk or mortar on roof joints and the chimney.
  • Examine for traces of corrosion in any metal pieces.

Gutters and Downspouts

Search for dirt and leaves. Utilize a rain gutter scoop (plastic for versatility and to avoid scraping the rain gutter bottom), together with a garden hose, to clean roof gutters and downspouts. Eliminate all obstructions, which can otherwise lead to ice dams. HEADS UP: Large quantities of colored shingle granules in your gutter signals a roof that is breaking. You are encouraged to hire an expert to examine the condition of your roofing.

Under the Roof

Look at the underside of your roof from the attic also. This will inform you if there are any risk indications of leakage, such as dark spots, streaks, wood rot, moisture, leaking water, or mold. Getting leaks looked after as quickly as possible– prior to they do serious damage– is among the most crucial roof maintenance tasks.

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