What To Do With Roof Leaks?

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roof leakNobody wants to find water leaking from the ceiling. If you are home when the leak begins or if you come home only to find a roof leak, it is crucial that you take action right away to prevent causing more damage to your house.

Contain The Leak In The Roof

In case you find water dripping from the parts of the ceiling which is bulging or has discoloration, it is possible that water is pooling on that side of the dark spot or bulge. Get a trash can, bucket, or a few other containers and put it underneath the spot of the suspected leak or drip. You might even want to think of propping up a board within the container so that the drops will hit the board and not the water that’s accumulated. This would help minimize the constant dripping sound.

The next thing you should do is grab an old screwdriver and find the center of the bulge where water is pooling and puncture it in the middle. Even though it looks strange to put a hole in the ceiling to prevent the leak, the new hole will let the water drain slowly and it will relieve pressure on the other parts of the ceiling. IN case water builds up and pools, the whole ceiling may end up collapsing.

In case you are confident that you know where the location of the leak is and you can get to the source safely, then you should get a large tarp to cover the exterior surface. In case you find it hard to reach it, of if you do not feel safe in doing so, then it would be better to call a roofing contractor. Most reputable roofing companies provide emergency tarping services.

You should know by now that in case your roof is leaking because of the bad weather, a roofing contractor Myrtle Beach will not be able to fix the leak until the weather has returned to normal. The tarping service will serve as a short term fix to cut back the damage inside your house until your roofing contractor can repair the problem.

The Dangers Of Waiting

It’s crucial to act immediately if you notice roof leaks. A dripping roof will never fix themselves or become better without any intervention. Even when the leak isn’t bad yet, you should call a residential roofing contractor now. Usually, homeowners say that they notice a stain on their ceiling or probably bubbling for some time but believed that it wasn’t that serious. Ignoring and avoidance won’t repair the leak in your roof. In most cases, once you notice the damage within your house, it is already too late.

The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests checking the roof twice a year, in spring and fall. Roof inspection must involve checking for dark spots, spots where the light outdoors shine through, and sagging. The roofer must also check for buckling, blistering, broken, peeling, rotting, warped, or missing shingles. They should also search for signs of slow draining or clogged gutters as well as loose material.

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