What To Do With Roof Leaks?

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roof repairThere’s never a good time to have a leaky roof. Although hiring a roof repair professional should be on top of your list, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage, reduce the repair cost, and prevent future roof leaks.

Roof Repair: How To Deal With A Leaky Roof

Stop The Water Damage

When you find out that there is an active leak in your roof, the very first thing you need to do is to minimize the damage the water may cause to your valuables including electronics and furniture.

Contain The Water

Place a bucket or any waterproof container under the leak right away. It will catch the water that leaks from the roof. In case water splashes on your floor, don’t forget to place a rug or an old tshirt under the bucket so it could absorb the spills. You may also try to pin a long string to the ceiling close to the leak and this will create a path for the water to the bucket. In case you notice bubbling paint, it is probably holding water. What you can do is puncture the bubble so the water is released into the bucket. In case you can’t contain or control the water from coming in, you have to call a roofing contractor for professional services.

Get Rid Of The Water

When you have finally controlled the leak, you have to dry the carpet, woodwork, furniture, and anything else right away. If they are exposed to water, they will have stain marks and could lead to mold growth. In case your carpet has been soaked, pull it away from its padding and reveal both sides of the pad and the rug to briskly spread the air. In case there is extensive damage, you should call a company that offers water extraction.

Get In Touch With Your Insurance Agent

In case you suspect or know that your house has had heavy damage, you should get in touch with your insurance agent. Even though your insurance policy might not cover damage from a roof that is leaking, consult your insurance agent ASAP and let them figure out what is covered and what is not.

Roof Repair For Leaks

When you have done everything you can control the situation and to minimize the damage to your house, you need to get roof repair Myrtle Beach services. To make sure that it is fixed the first time around and won’t happen again, then you should only hire a licensed roofer.

Choosing A Roof Repair Contractor

  • Obtain at least three quotes
  • Make sure the roofing contractor is insured, licensed, and has all the permits required for them to do the job
  • The contractor must agree to find and fix all wood damage before a roof replacement
  • Ask your roofing contractor to outline the maintenance instructions for your new roof
  • Ask about the lifespan of the roof and the guarantee
  • The roofer must agree that the roof should be approved once it undergoes municipal inspection before the work is considered as finished.

Don’t let the work to start until you are sure that all these requirements have been met. Beware of fly by night companies since they like to take advantage of homeowners especially those who have just gone through a natural disaster.

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