Winter Preparations Suitable For Residential Roofing

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residential roofingMany Myrtle Beach residential roofing professionals have witnessed how changes in weather and season can affect a home’s roof. Regardless of how well a homeowner maintains and takes care of their roof, the cold temperatures from the winter season can still cause damage to roofs. No homeowner wishes for this to happen, especially in the middle of the cold night or day when it will be difficult for them or for a professional to fix and repair the damages.

It is necessary for the homeowners to implement the necessary preparations for their roof

If you have already put up your holiday displays and home decors and started with your holiday planning, do not forget to prepare your roof for the cold winter season. In addition to your regular maintenance routines, this will ensure that your roof will stand the challenges of this season. Here are some residential roofing Myrtle Beach preparations that you can do.

  • Check your gutters – The previous seasons may have caused debris and dirt to accumulate in your roof’s gutter. This is especially true if you do not include gutter cleaning in your weekly or monthly roof cleaning routine. Keep in mind that regardless of the season, dirt and debris such as fallen leaves and dry branches can find their way to your gutter.

This dirt and debris can clog your gutters and prevent continuous water flow. As a result, water will accumulate in the gutter, causing rotting and leak problems if not cleaned immediately. You need to do this before the dirt and debris become too cold and, thus, difficult to remove. If you find it hard to access your gutters, hire an expert like MB Roofing Pros to do it for you.

If your gutters are clean because you regularly remove dirt and debris that has accumulated, you will have to make sure they are working efficiently. There should be no cracks or gaps throughout the gutter and the water should flow continuously without any interruption.

  • Trim down branches of nearby trees – You need to make sure there are no tree branches overhanging your roof. The primary reason for this is because when these branches get weighed down by ice or snow, it can get really heavy and cause a break and crash to your roof. To prevent these from happening, trim down the branches of the trees. If the trees belong to your neighbor, be sure to ask for permission first.
  • Ensure flashings are tight and secure – The primary role of flashings in a residential roofing system is to prevent rainwater from seeping through the gaps between roof materials and chimneys. If you have a skylight, there should also be flashings to cover the connection between the skylight and the existing roof. To ensure the flashings are in a good condition, conduct an overall inspection of your roof, and closely look at the flashings. Make sure they are tight and secure.
  • Have sufficient insulation in the attic or crawlspace – Your roof will also need insulation in order for them to function properly and become resistant to common problems including cracking, leaks, and mold growth. Notice that these problems often occur when there is not enough insulation in the attic or crawl space.

This is why it is highly recommended for homeowners to hire a professional roofing contractor to install additional insulation in the attic and crawl space. With proper and sufficient insulation, your roof will become susceptible to potential damages caused by winter.

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